$15.00 per dog, per day.

$17.00 intact males & in-season females.
$28.00 for 2 dogs, per day. Sharing a Kennel.

*There are no discounts for non-neutered males or in-season females in season. The rate is $17.00 a day, even if kenneled with another dog.


$10.00 per cat, per day.


We are open every day, including holidays and weekends! However, we have specific hours.


7 a.m. to 10 a.m. &
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

North Pole Ranch was established by Kathie and George Murphy in 1971. It was located in North Pole, Alaska. In 1991 the business was re-established at it's present location in Ashland, Oregon.

We have sixty dog kennels and sixteen cat kennels, located on a 100+ acre ranch. Your pets will enjoy the wonderful smells and sounds of the Southern Oregon countryside.

The kennels are indoor/outdoor runs with full roofs. We also offer a few outdoor only kennels that do have doghouses in them for the pet that is used to being outdoors. (Please see our photo gallery).

We let the dogs out to excercise and do their "business" on an individual basis two times daily. Once during our morning hours, and once during our afternoon hours. We do not let dogs out together for safety reasons. We know that some dogs do like to socialize, but others do not. The dogs are let out to run in our fenced grassy area for as long as it takes them to do their "business".

During the day in warmer weather the dog-doors in each kennel are left open so the dogs have access to both the inside and outside of their individual runs. In cold weather, the dogs are kept inside most of the day. The buildings are heated so that the dogs are kept cozy, just like they would be at home. In warmer weather we use fans to circulate the air. Combined with lots of shade trees and cinderblock buildings, this keeps the dogs cool even on the warmest days.

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