$15.00 per dog, per day.

$17.00 intact males & in-season females.
$28.00 for 2 dogs, per day. Sharing a Kennel.

*There are no discounts for non-neutered males or in-season females in season. The rate is $17.00 a day, even if kenneled with another dog.


$10.00 per cat, per day.


We are open every day, including holidays and weekends! However, we have specific hours.


7 a.m. to 10 a.m. &
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

What shots are required for my pet to board?For Dogs:

-DHLP - Distemper/Parvo (proof required)
-Rabies (proof required)
-Bordetella - Kennel Cough (proof required)
The vet does not automatically give the Bordetella because dogs do not need it unless they board. So please check with your vet to make sure they have had that shot. DHLP and Bordetella are vaccinations that can be done at home. Please keep your receipt as your proof that you gave the vaccination.

For Cats:
-FVRCP (proof required)
-Rabies (proof required)
-Feline leukemia - for outdoor cats (proof required)

What does the kennel provide for my pet?
You do not need to bring anything with your pet. We can provide bedding, bowls, toys, etc. We also provide food, but you are welcome to bring your own. In fact, pets that are under one year of age or 10 years of age or older, please bring their own food. These pets do not do well with changes in their diet. Most of the time, this will result in upset stomach. So please keep their comfort in mind.
If your pet is on medication, we can give it to them. Please provide the meds in their actual bottles. For example, do not just put a bunch if meds in a baggie, we prefer to have the actual bottles.

What can I bring with my pet?
You may bring your own stuff with your pet if you'd like. These items may include bedding and toys.Please note: If bedding is brought, it must be completely machine washable, not just a washable cover. Your dog may be an "angel" with bedding, but his neighbor may not. If it becomes soiled, we must be able to wash it. We take great pride in keeping our kennel clean.We are not responsible for items left with pets such as, beds, toys, etc.

What should I NOT bring with my pet?
Please do not bring any bones or rawhides with your pet. Your dog may be used to chewing, but his neighbor may not. These items sometimes slide under the chainlink into the next kennel. If a dog that isn't used to chewing on bones gets a hold of one it can be a health risk. We have to keep everyones safety in mind.

Due to safety and cleanliness issues, we do not accept crates.

What other information do you need from me?
We will ask you for an emergency number when you drop your pet off. This number needs to be a cell, or a number where you will be, or a number of someone who knows how to reach you in case of an emergency.
If you are not able to be reached on your trip, please provide your vet with any special instructions or limitations in case we need to take them to your veternarian.
If there is an emergency and you have not provided us with a name of someone local that can take your pet to their vet, then of course we would take them in. However, a fee will be charged for this service. We will also need to be reinbursed for all vet fees that are incured. Payment is expected at the time of pick-up.

What type of payment do you accept?
Payment must be made when you pick up your pet. We accept checks and cash only. We do not accept credit or debit cards, so plan accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?We have a cancellation policy that applies to all holidays, spring break, and the entire month of August. The cancellation policy is as follows: You must notify us of a cancellation at least one week prior to the start date of your reservation. If less than one week's notice is given, you are expected to pay for half of the scheduled reservation.

Do you provide grooming?
We do not provide grooming, however a simple bath is available upon request, please ask us for a quote.

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